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Wee Nessie | A Journey To The Scrap Yard

Updated: May 14, 2020

I purchased Wee Nessie from a Victorian seller along with a GT Imp. Wee Nessie can still be found via google as it was a Motorkana Car with considerable success. She even did a few days on race tracks around Australia.

This car originally had a 10A rotary engine adapted to a Hillman Imp gear box.

Yes she did break a few boxes, but they were cheap and the adaptor was a transferable bell housing. I owned Nessie for a while and it did not come with the engine, sadly that was long gone, but the gearbox and the rest of the car was complete.

I sold both Nessie and the GT as a joint father/son project and the new owners

attacked both vehicles with lots of enthusiasm posting updates on the internet. However, the restorations would all come to an eventual stop.

A few years passed and I purchased a collection of Imps from a small country town called Wamuran in Queensland and amongst all the parts and cars were Nessie and the GT! I found several other cars that I had also saved previously meaning they had done a full-circle and returned to me as is often the case. Nessie was back in my garage.

I came to the decision again that Nessie was not for me and I sold and delivered Nessie to a new owner in Sydney. I used to do regular 10-12 hour trips to Sydney dropping off engines and gearboxes and parts to owners along the route.

I never saw Nessie again.

The new owners circumstances had changed after trying to sell her. A new buyer never came and he informed me that Nessie was in the scrap bin and no longer around.

Here are some photos of Nessie's journey.

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