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Imps In A Suburban House Lot - A Photo Collection

I followed up on a lead only to be truly amazed at what was jammed into a suburban Victorian town house lot!

It was so amazing that when I went to google earth and looked down on the property the outside cars were all visible. Not only Imps but Triumph Dolomites; many in sheds but many also outside.

What was in the sheds was more stunning including several vintage cars. I arrived at property to find several imps rusting away along the drive. At the end of the drive was another area with many more imps and some that were worth saving but most were not good.

Inside the main shed more cut up imps hanging from the roof. There were two good complete imps also chained up to the roof and the space below full of imp parts.

I was then lead inside the house where even the former lounge room was a spare parts storage area! In one corner there was an immaculate 100% original mk1 imp badged as a Imp11!

I have been back to property and all of the outside cars that were not deemed savable were crushed along with all the panels and used parts. The fate of all the new parts and the good cars I do not know.

I did manage to save one complete imp and it is now with a friend.


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