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As the leading manufacturer and distributor of Rootes Group Automotive parts in Australia, you are in the right place to take care of your car. 


I specialise in customised Rubber Seals, Boots and Grommets that are of the highest quality, many have been remanufactured using original factory drawings supplied with permission from Rootes Archive Trust.

For over 20 years, as the Founder of Rootes Automotive Parts, I  have been a global supplier for Rootes Group Vehicles. 

How can I help you?


Contact me today. 



Is your car sitting around waiting for the right auto parts it needs to get back on the road? 

Don't wait any longer and shop online. International shipping is available and we ship daily all over the world. 

Rootes Automotive Parts values quality over quantity; cant find what you need?

Contact Frank directly.



Due to high demand, Rootes Automotive Parts customers have requested custom digital drawings and prints of their favourite Rootes vehicles. 

Created by a talented digital sketch artist in Indonesia, these unique digital prints make excellent gift ideas. 

Place your order today.

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