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Imp Vehicle Restoration | The Story of Aunty Dorrie

Updated: May 7, 2020

I found this very early Mk1 imp at the back of a wrecking yard near Kingaroy Queensland. It was the owners aunties car so I named her Dorrie.

The imp became known as Aunty Dorrie. I saved it and two other imps from the wrecking yard. This car was special and despite the rats nest and nasty looking state of it; once cleaned it was an outstanding early pneumatic throttle imp.

The chassis was the lowest numbered car on record at the time in Australia and likely still so. Under the front hood was an original mint owners hand book and the paperwork. It was thought to be the Brisbane Car Show display car.

I stored this car undercover for many years and when I lost interest I sold it to a friend who in turn stored it for several years. Eventually I decided to buy the car back again. After repurchasing Dorrie I sold the car for a second time to a new owner in Victoria. It was placed into a shed and was stored away. Dorrie still had not been restored.

Finally, Dorrie went to a third and final restorer.... Manu. He is the wonderful new owner and a good friend. Manu restored the vehicle using all my rubber seals from Rootes Automotive Parts, bushes, engine gaskets interior parts etc and it is unrecognisable today! What an amazing transformation and one worth sharing with the world.






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